Urban Myth is a multi-member ensemble of versatile and innovative performers from New England whose repertoire mixes African/Middle Eastern rhythms, Early Music, Balkan and Celtic folk traditions, jazz, and other World music influences in a unique blend. Urban Myth's arrangements feature woodwinds ancient and modern, fiddles, harps, guitars, keyboards, accordion, vocals, and a full array of percussion instruments. With a distinctive earthy sensibility and a dash of hedonism, Urban Myth takes its audience on a spiritual journey that uplifts and opens the heart.

  • Frank Jones (Longy School of Music - Early Music Performance) has performed with "In Praise of Folly," the "Locrian Consort," and many other ensembles. He is also active with the MIT Community Players. Frank has studied recorder and double reeds with Marilyn Boenau and Dan Stillman of the Boston Shawm and Sackbut Ensemble.
    • Shawms, curtal, vocals

  • Jessica Lupien (Ph.D. student in clinical psychology, UMass; Actors Workshop, Boston; Two Left Feet Productions) has played Euridice in Offenbach's "Orpheus in the Underworld", Cinderella in Persichetti's Carnevale Commedia production, and Buttercup in Gilbert and Sullivan's HMS Pinafore. She has scripted, acted and danced in experimental theatre pieces like Norman Briski's collective creation "Versus", as well as scripting and acting in professional training videos. She teaches the cross-cultural movement course, "What do you mean, you can't dance?"
    • Vocals, Percussion, Movement

  • Gayle McKennon (Portland Art Museum and Mount Hood College) "migrated" from the Oregon coast where she studied art and performance. Her father, Dallas, played the shopkeeper "Cincinnatus" and the TV show "Daniel Boone," and also worked as a voice-over artist; these are the sound sets on which Gayle grew up. Now living aboard the schooner "Granuaile," Gayle is also known for her pastels, illustration, and calligraphy. As co-founder of In Praise of Folly she has performed renaissance music throughout New England.
    • Woodwinds, guitar, vocals

  • Legal Advisor Catherine Reuben (B.A. - Amherst College; J.D. - Harvard University) studied recorder with Marilyn Boenau and has participated in numerous workshops, including the Amherst Early Music Festival and "Express Yourself" with Aldo Abreu. She has performed with In Praise of Folly and other Boston area groups.
    • Woodwinds, vocals, percussion

  • BabZ Schilke (A.L.B - Harvard University) plays primarily harps and percussion in Urban Myth. She specializes in smaller folk harps and historical replicas of medieval, renaissance, and baroque harps. She performs solo and in the duo The Harpies with singer Marlene Tholl. She also plays washtub bass and bouzouki with the traditional Old Timey Americana group, The Blackberry Blossoms, and tuba and bass with various ensembles, bands and orchestras. She serves as president and trustee of the Historical Harp Society, (www.historicalharps.org), volunteer coordinator for the Boston Early Music Festival (www.bemf.org) and director of Chapel Arts New England (www.chapelartsne.com). BabZ' Harp Haven in Gorham, New Hampshire features harps for sale or rental, as well as exotic percussion and other musical items.
    • Harps, vocals, percussion

Urban Myth
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