Urban Myth is a multi-member ensemble of versatile and innovative performers from New England whose repertoire mixes African/Middle Eastern rhythms, Early Music, Balkan and Celtic folk traditions, jazz, and other World music influences in a unique blend. Urban Myth's arrangements feature woodwinds ancient and modern, fiddles, harps, guitars, keyboards, accordion, vocals, and a full array of percussion instruments. With a distinctive earthy sensibility and a dash of hedonism, Urban Myth takes its audience on a spiritual journey that uplifts and opens the heart.

Contemporary Tunes
Many of the tunes are from contemporary artists, such Maere Brennan (Steel Eye Span -- "Beating Heart," "Twa Corbies"), and keyboardist Barbara Blatner (Urban Myth -- "The Center," "Harvest: Lammas Song").

Music of World Folk Traditions
Urban Myth's repertoire includes such music as "Dubhdara," "Ripples on the Water," and "John Barleycorn" (folk songs of Celtic origin); "Karu" (a Peruvian instrumental piece); "Tico-tico no fuba" (a Brazilian carioca piece); "Kyustendilska" (an invigorating Macedonian dance in 7/8 time); and "Ah EL Novio" (a sensual Sephardic song).

Period Music
Music from the Medieval and Renaissance periods are revered and explored in Urban Myth -- featured pieces this season include: "PalestineLied"; and "Belle Qui Tiens Ma Vie."

Urban Myth
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